Find books to transform your life

A few years ago, I started to read again. I had barely read much since my student time, even though I remembered I enjoyed it a lot. I was busy with other things. Also I could not choose books I would like so I just did not read. A few events in my personal life generated lots of questions. I looked everywhere on the internet and bumped into books again. I read a few and found a lot of answers. After that, I continued reading but almost essentially around self improvement, or personal growth or human elevation (choose the term you like). I never stopped reading since. It’s all about finding books that you need. My best way to do this is to follow the recommendations  of people I would like to model or that inspire me.

Here is a place to start: Derek Sivers is reading a lot and share his notes. A great way to get the best out of the books, or to know which one to check out as he grades and rank them for you.

Check here.

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